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Food, drinks, equipment for hotels, restaurants and apartments fair.

Welcome to Horeca Zadar

Why exhibit?

HORECA Zadar is a long-awaited event that brings a new business opportunities to the surrounding area, both for exhibitors and members of the tourism sector.

Among development challenges and needs, the Zadar County Development Strategy emphasizes the need to improve the quality of accommodation facilities, improving the quality and encouraging the professionalization of private accommodation units through their conversion into small family hotels and the development of diffuse hotels and restaurants. Briefly, large investments are planned in the HORECA sector, which is exactly the reason for holding such a specialized event in Zadar,

The tourism sector, together with other sectors, will have 22 billion euros available by 2027 within the framework of various programs (Next Generation EU – 9.4 billion; The Multiannual Financial Financial Framework – 12.6 billion; Solidarity Fund – 683 million and Centralized Programs Union for which the allocation amount for our country is still expected).

If you are an exhibitor at the HORECA Zadar fair, there are many opportunities opening up for you:

  • Selling products with the goal of concluding multi-year contracts
  • Introducing new products to the market
  • Maintaining and strengthening the existing position on the market
  • Expanding sales and getting to know people from the tourism facilities procurement sector
  • Impact on consumers through changes in their habits
  • Looking for business partners for joint ventures to expand into new markets or invest in new products and services
  • and many other opportunities

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