Horeca Zadar

Ultimate travel trends

According to the latest research in the hotel sector, travelers will use contactless technology increasingly more, from check-in to payment. These are tools that have proven to be key in supplying health and safety support to travelers while simplifying the operations. Travelers expect the availability of these digital travel tools for all aspects of their trip.

Tourists will need transparency around technology, so it is recommended that efforts in the field of cyber security extend to the marketing of hotels and other tourist facilities. From the fine print on your website to your creative content strategies, the technology you use should be clear and articulated in a useful way. Many tourists are still wary of words like “AI” or “machine learning”. Don’t forget that from data privacy to identity theft, cyber incidents can be incredibly serious and for many people the thought of them is terrifying. In your communication with the target group of tourists, be as transparent as possible so that this part will also attract them to your facility.

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