Horeca Zadar

Hyper personalization

Today’s guests increasingly expect to be recognized and treated as individuals, one study showed that 71% of customers expect a personalized interaction. Do not personalize your guests at the segment level, because the expectations of tourists have far exceeded that. They expect hyper personalization.

Accommodation facilities, travel providers and restaurants can rely on data to use insights into customers past browsing or buying habits, enabling hotels to adapt their offers and promotions and automatically deliver the services an individual is looking for.

In general, the business of tourist accommodation facilities is increasingly shaped by the use of management systems to monitor and optimize income, customer relations, assets, channels and reputation. Not to mention the increasing importance of integrated messaging, user profiling, and middleware that tries to connect all the different systems. Even if your organization has some technical limitations, make sure that you at least meet guests in person, greet them and wish them a pleasant stay.

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